What is Traid?

You can think about Traid as your Youtube business page.

Put a price on

  • A shoutout
  • A one time sponsored video
  • A series of sponsored videos

Get brands apply for your sponsorship calendar. If they don't fit with your brand, mark them off automatically.

It’s a way to get sponsors on Youtube.

First, you, the channel owner, decide how much your airtime is worth. You set the fixed fee and the success fee ($ per 1000 views).

When brands land in your page, they see your sponsorship pricing.

They can either immediately book your services or contact you through chat.

Whether you’re looking for your first sponsor, or you have many sponsors, consider using Traid.

Here’s how how it works.

How does it work?



Before you have a sponsor - Create your Deal Template

A deal template page is like a product page, for your airtime.

Channel Your channel
Deliverables 30 seconds in mid-video
Fixed fee $500
Success fee $21



Share your deal template page



Get Sponsors

A brand books your airtime
Traid captures the brand's payment details
Brand sends a brief
You submit the video with the sponsorship
Brand approves
You hit Publish on the video
Traid tracks video & progress
You get paid weekly according to views

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