How to hack your way into Youtube sponsorships?

If you have a small audience, it might be difficult getting a sponsor.

What you can do is this:

  1. Create a deal no brand will refuse.
  2. Create a list of relevant brands. These need to be brands that match your personal brand. Don't take a sponsorship for kids clothing if your channel is about B2B marketing.
  3. Reach out

    You can either hire a VA or reach out yourself to these brands. Expect a low rate of response, but it shouldn't be zero. Which means you will get a sponsorship, if you reach out to enough people. The number were seeing is about 3%. Meaning, if you reach out to 100 brands, you'll get 3 sponsorships. Now, this doesn't mean you'll make a lot of money. But remember, you created an offer they can't refuse.

If it didn't make you a lot of money, why do it in the first place?

  1. Well, if you make $1, it'll make you want to do more.
  2. You'll create better content.
  3. Competitors of this brand will see you're working with their competitor.
  4. They'll soon be offering you a sponsorship.

Sometime, all you got to do is get the ball rolling.

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