How to make money with youtube?

There are three main ways for you to get a sponsorship deal as a Youtuber

  1. Grow your channel to about 50,000 subscribers
  2. Reach out directly to brands you want to work with, with an offer they can’t refuse
  3. Build a sponsorship offer so brands can't refuse to work with you

1 - Get to 50,000 subscribers, with a good enough engagement rate

There’s a certain point where your audience is worth a lot. This audience trusts you. You are a brand for that specific group of people.

If your reached 50,000 subscribers, sponsorship offers are probably flowing to your email. You have trouble going through all of them, let alone answering to all of them. You might have a manager that does that for you. It might make sense at this stage. You spend a lot of time making sure the payments are done on time, and it’s getting hard to do that.

You have to be very picky with the sponsorship you choose to represent because anything you say in your videos either helps your brand or hurts your brand. Your audience trusts you. What do you think will happen, if someone buys a product you represented, and they’re not satisfied from the product? If this happens a lot - you’ll see your stats dropping.

2 - Actively reach out to brands

A second way for you to get brand deals, is by actively reaching out to brands.

The process
  1. Make a list of the brands that resonate with your channel content - 2 hours - or ask your audience - “which brand do you want me to work with?”
  2. Find the right people to reach out
    1. LinkedIn
    2. Website
    3. Email
    4. Phone
  3. Reach out in batches. You should be reaching out to about 5 brands/day if you want to get results fast, but not burn yourself. Don’t do this for more than a week
  4. Negotiate - this takes some experience. You want a fair deal. You don’t want to charge too little, but you also don’t want to charge too much. What you want to do, is aim for the long run, as it will allow you

3 - There’s another way - Traid

Traid allows you to define:

  1. Who are the brands you’d wish to work with
  2. What are the terms you want to work 1. You can create 1. Fixed deals 2. Fixed + success deals (for example $2000 fixed fee + $21 for every 1000 views) 3. Success deals (to increase conversion rate)
  3. To all deals you can add a cap (which the brand might require to reduce risk)
  4. All payments are done through Traid, so you can be sure to get what you agreed on, on time.

After you open up your account and setup your deal template, Traid will automatically reach out to the people who work in these brands. If they’d like to work with you, we’ll email your with the details.

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