5 Essential Tools for YouTubers in 2022

Unless you’ve been completely living under a rock for the past couple of decades, you’d know what a huge deal being a YouTuber has become! It’s one of the most rewarding careers and an increasing number of people are now being drawn towards investing a major chunk of their day into their YouTube channels instead of traditional degrees and employment. If you also want to get started on your journey as a YouTuber, here are five essential tools we suggest you check out before you decide on anything else – let’s have a look!


Probably the most fundamental revenue stream of successful YouTube channels is sponsorship or brand deals. Sponsorships come in many shapes and forms, and some can really transform how much time you can put into your Youtube channel. Once you sign a sponsorship, things change. You now have time to research, time to test new approaches. You now also have money to invest in better equipment. Your audience will feel that, and you'll see your subscriber count goes up.

All this can happen from having one sponsor, so have this in mind. How can you be more accessible for sponsors? Can you make them a deal they can't refuse? Can you reach out to a sponsor yourself instead of them coming to you?

Traid is an awesome new software that allows YouTubers to work directly with sponsors and charge according to the traction their videos gain. If you’re looking for a way to start earning through your channel in the most hassle-free manner, we suggest you give Traid a shot! What’s more, the entire process is automated, so for those of you who find paperwork anxiety-inducing, Traid is the way to go. Get your favorite brands on board with you so they can sponsor your content and you can make money as a YouTuber! That’s one step closer to living the dream life.


This amazing software allows you to try out different tags, titles, thumbnails, and descriptions before you commit to a single one so that you can drastically improve your content and your performance over time! TubeBuddy is basically a free browser extension, so you don’t even have to go out of your way to download and install a separate software. It will track your ranking and then compare the results with those of your competitors – no better way to figure out what you’re dealing with and what you need to work on in the future!


Here is a screen-recording tool and a video editor that is an absolute life-saver for beginners. Often the way your video is structured proves to be more important in determining its success than the content of the video itself. And Camtasia can help you reach your goal more swiftly than other screen recorders out there!


You know what gets people to click on your video more than anything else? The thumbnail. That’s right – not even the title or the general outlook of your channel will help you succeed the way a good thumbnail will. That’s why we recommend you use Canva, one of the best software to create a captivating thumbnail that gets people to click on your video like they’re getting paid for it!


Consider branching out to other social media platforms to get a wider and more diverse audience for your YouTube channel. Freedom is a great software that allows you to do that in a super accessible manner! It includes features that will help you develop custom music, custom mobile games, and more – all of which will contribute to the eventual growth of your channel. It’s one of the best marketing and channel management tools for YouTubers out there, so make sure you don’t miss out.